Accommodation – rooms and apartments in Jaworki

Accommodation – rooms and apartments in Jaworki

Our resort is located in a beautiful place on a mountainside near to the Pieniński landscape park in a small town Jaworki.
We let double rooms, rooms for three or four, and two suites. We offer a high standard of our rooms. They are all equipped with bathrooms. All in all, there are 36 rooms for overnight stay in our resort.
For the guests’ disposal:

  • A lecture hall equipped with audiovisual equipment, roulette table and table for playing poker
  • Space for grill/ barbecue
  • Space for bonfire
  • Sauna (dry)
  • An amusement arcade with a fireplace
  • Internet  access
  • TV set
  • A sandpit for children
  • Mountain bikes for rent
  • A playing field

We also organize: (for organized groups)

  • Christmas holidays
  • A New Year party
  • Sleigh rides
  • Trainings
  • Bonfires
  • Roasting mutton

Conferences and trainings:

Our resort offers an ideal conditions for organizing trainings, presentations, congresses, symposiums, training courses, employee meetings, integration parties, parties for promotion and marketing. We have a lecture hall equipped with projector, screen, TV, audio equipment, video set, sound system, CD, the Internet. During the conferences and trainings there are lunch breaks during which our guests can drink and eat.

The rooms are comfortable and elegant, which helps with both private and business meetings. Experienced personnel always help you with pleasure to choose menu or to organize your free time.
What is more, the car park is monitoring for 24 hours every day.

Furthermore, we adapt our offers to requirements and needs of our guests. We are open to suggestions. Within the framework of the conferences and trainings there is a possibility of organizing additional events such as sleigh rides, roasting mutton, discos, and bonfires.

In winter there is also a possibility of learning skiing or driving a snowmobile.
We are also proposing to go hiking on amazing trails or to ride a bike in the mountains.

Information, reservations

Gościniec w Jaworkach
ul. Biała Woda 51
tel.: 505 156 209